Last month, Salesforce announced the launch of SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud app (Chrome extension for Gmail, iOS and Android Apps). We’ve test driven the Chrome extension and love what we’ve seen. If your organization uses GMail, here are five huge benefits to installing the app.

1. Easily Create a Lead or Contact Right From Your Gmail Account

The app uses email addresses as a unique identifier to check if the individual exists as a contact or a lead in your organization’s Salesforce instance. If the record exists, you will be able to see the details directly in Gmail. The most impressive feature of the app, however, is the ease with which it allows you to create individual records in Salesforce. Two clicks of your mouse and the individual’s contact details can be instantly saved as a contact or a lead record.

2. Never Forget to Attach Important Emails to Salesforce Contacts Again

Have you ever forgotten to attach an important email to the individual’s contact record in Salesforce? I have! Often times this leads to frantic scouring through my inbox when a colleague asks about a correspondence with a particular individual. With the new SalesforceIQ app, a pop-up appears after any email is sent asking you if you want to attach it to a record in Salesforce. No more having to use BCC to Salesforce or forgetting to attach your important emails to Salesforce records! And if you find this feature annoying, you can easily turn it off by unchecking a setting in the app.

3. Read Receipts

The app also gives you instant pop-up notifications anytime a recipient of your email opens the email. It allows you to know that your email (especially the most important ones) was delivered and a human actually opened it. It also confirms that the email address is correct – especially useful when sending emails to a new or previously unknown address.

4. View Social Profiles of Your Email Contacts

Until now, getting to know your new contacts meant scouring through an individual’s LinkedIn or Facebook account. With the SalesforceIQ app, you can view someone’s social profile right in your Gmail account. If you don’t see everything you want to know there, links are included to their available social pages for further details.

5. Schedule Email Send

Scheduling emails to be sent at a later date means that you can compose your emails on the go and send them out only after you’re sure it’s ready to go. This is just another in a long list of features of the SalesforceIQ app that ensures that you’re highly productive and efficient from within Gmail.

All in all, SalesforceIQ is a very handy, lightweight app that increases productivity and improves efficiency at zero cost (at least for the foreseeable future). If you’ve found features of this app that you don’t like or are unproductive, please let us know in the comments section below.

Ronak Mehta

About Ronak Mehta

Ronak has a wide array of professional experiences – from designing circuits on microprocessor to leading a social enterprise to guiding running tours of Boston. He brings this varied skill set to his current role as Salesforce Consultant. Although he’s grown up in the heat and humidity of Mumbai, India, Ronak is as comfortable on the ski slopes of New England as he is on the concrete surface of a tennis court. Ronak holds a MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California.