September 21, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
164 Canal St #502
Boston, MA 02114
BOOTCAMP PLUS: DIY Data Migration @ 501Partners | Boston | Massachusetts | United States

Data migration simply means transferring a large amount of data from one place to another in a single operation. At some point, nearly every organization will need to migrate data. If you have an existing database, you already have a substantial amount of development and program information. Entering all that information manually would take far too much time, so data migration is the solution. But data migration is useful in other scenarios as well, such as when you have a large event and collect a substantial number of new donors or program participants.

Successful data migration requires preparing the data in a format that Salesforce can accept. We will cover many time-saving techniques to make this process easier. You’ll learn how to make migration easier by matching your data to Salesforce’s internal structure. Finally, you’ll use and compare three different free data migration tools.

Leave with the confidence and knowledge to:

  • Preparare data in Excel
  • Understand the differences between various data migration tools: Data Loader, Dataloader.io, Data Wizard
  • Execute simple migration: Contacts and Accounts
  • Execute Intermediate Migration, such as:
    • Migrating Donations and attaching the data to Accounts
    • Migrating Cases and attaching the data to Contacts
    • Adding Contacts to Campaigns through Migration
  • Execute Advanced Migration, such as using External ID’s to attach Donations to Accounts
  • Insert, Update and Delete with a data migration tool.

This half-day session is offered in conjunction with the morning workshop, Advanced Reporting with Salesforce. Register for one or both sessions.

All of our workshops are taught by our Director of Training, Paul Baxter. Salesforce Bootcamp for Nonprofits 101 completion, or equivalent experience, is a registration pre-requirement for any Bootcamp Plus workshop. Please contact us at (978) 232-9200 if you have any questions about this requirement.