Like all of our clients, 501Partners is a mission-driven organization. We do the work we do because we want to support the vital services that nonprofits perform. And how do we do this? 501Partners provides nonprofits with tools to track outcomes and plan for the future in an informed way.

Salesforce is our primary tool of choice to help accomplish this goal. For the last four years we have had the privilege of working with over 165 organizations, all with diverse missions. Whether it be job readiness, eliminating the achievement gap, disability rights, promoting citizenship, health services access, or homelessness prevention and legal reform — we believe Salesforce is the most powerful and flexible data tool available that will meet your nonprofit’s data needs.

salesforce-NP-bootcamp-PLUS-rect-300Continuing our commitment to the nonprofit sector, 501Partners is pleased to offer Bootcamp PLUS, a series of half-day trainings that focus on one specific issue that is key to Salesforce success. This format allows us to present specific, detailed scenarios with plenty of time for questions.

Our ultimate goal with Bootcamp PLUS is to support organizations in developing a deeper understanding of their own Salesforce system. By developing this internal capacity, users become more engaged throughout the organization and typically have fewer adoption issues.

In addition, Bootcamp PLUS allows us to present some of the most popular third-party apps that integrate with Salesforce and allow users to solve issues in payment processing, communications, and events management.

Our current Bootcamp PLUS offerings include:

Native Salesforce FunctionsDescription
Salesforce Toolbox for AdminsLearn what you need to manage your Salesforce instance: add and remove users, edit and create profiles, merge and export data securely.
Salesforce Advanced ReportingLearn how to choose, organize and edit a variety of report types so you can present your data to others in your organization.
Salesforce for Case ManagementTrack and report interactions with program participants to efficiently manage cases, track client progress, and showcase success.
DIY Salesforce Data MigrationLearn how to prepare your data efficiently and transfer any type of data from your old database into Salesforce without the stress.

Third Party ApplicationsDescription
Form Assembly for SalesforceLearn how to integrate Form Assembly with Salesforce, set up forms and surveys, customize responses, and avoid data duplication.
Mass Emailing with SalesforceIntegrate Salesforce with a mass emailer and create automated emails that assign tasks, respond to requests, pass information to the right staff person, and respond to constituents.
Salesforce for Event Management: Click & Pledge and MoreLet Salesforce help you track attendance, donors, and activities in the most efficient way possible and give you time to schmooze.

Bootcamp PLUS assumes a basic knowledge of Salesforce; in general we recommend that participants have taken Salesforce Bootcamp 101 or can demonstrate equivalent knowledge.

Additional training topics are in development, and we are open to suggestions — what do you want to learn next?

Bootcamp PLUS sessions are presented at the 501Partners office on a monthly schedule in rotation with our popular Salesforce Bootcamp 101 training. Upon request, trainings are available to be held on-site for large groups.

Paul Baxter

About Paul Baxter

Paul brings to 501Partners his extensive experience as a nonprofit senior manager with a background in education, workforce development and housing. Paul is a seasoned educator in both university and employment settings and a gifted public speaker. He is well-versed in workplace technology and uses his communication skills to provide training and make recommendations that increase value for his clients. Paul holds a PhD in Religious Studies from Boston University.