The Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack has been rebranded and renamed to the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. Along with the renaming, has released two new features, Engagement Plans and Levels. We are really excited about these two new features, primarily because we can see the value they add to the NPSP, and to nonprofits organizations.

Here’s why the Nonprofit Success Pack lives up to its name, and what we love about it:

npsp_salesforce1Engagement Plans: Think of Engagement Plans like Action Plans. They are a series of tasks (phone calls, emails, mailings) and/or scheduled events (meeting to review progress, training meeting, fundraising event) that must be completed in accordance with the plan you’ve designed. It’s similar to the plans that we project management nerds love to create.

Create as many Engagement Plans as you like, and reuse them for multiple contacts or organizations in your system. Essentially, they are a set of tasks that help your nonprofit connect with constituents. To do so, first create a Plan Template, then add the tasks that help you execute your plan. You can assign dates to these tasks, and make Tasks dependent upon finishing a prior Task. Once you have set up all the tasks that are needed to complete the plan, you save it. Then you can select a New Engagement Plan from the Contact screen.

The breadth of use cases for this new feature spans across enterprises. We can easily see how useful Engagement Plans would be for staff and departments, such as:

  •       Development operations
  •       Volunteer management
  •       Grant-making steps
  •       Training programs
  •       Case management
  •       Sponsor Management

These plans standardize key processes and can be kicked-off manually or automatically when used in conjunction with Levels. (The next great new feature.)

Levels: Levels allow organizations to track a constituent’s level of commitment and engagement based on criteria such as total gifts or hours volunteered. For instance, it is important to know who your major donors are and how to target them.

Levels can work in tandem with Engagement Plans to outline who, what, how and how often to communicate with your constituents. You only need to set up your levels once, which saves everyone valuable time. Hereafter, the NPSP will monitor the fields you’ve selected and automatically update related Level fields daily.

npsp-compatibility-300x300NOTE: In order to use Levels, you must be on NPSP 3.81 or greater (September 2016 release).  If you don’t know what version of NPSP you are using, please reference this article that will help you determine what version you are using.

These new features will streamline important processes for your nonprofit organization, and maximize impact through constituent engagement. The Nonprofit Success Pack will help you meet your mission.

Jane Isaac

About Jane Isaac

Jane is a Certified Sales Cloud Consultant and Certified Salesforce Administrator with over 12 years of Salesforce consulting experience. In 2008 Jane was named a Salesforce Hero, and she has been invited twice to present at Dreamforce. Prior to working with Salesforce, Jane was a business banker for 18 years before moving over to the technology side of banking.