Custom Salesforce Consulting & Coaching for Nonprofits

501Partners strives to be your long-term Salesforce consultants. While many consultancies will implement a project and quickly move on, it is our mission to build internal capacity for Salesforce while also engaging in custom consulting and coaching for our clients.

We are often told that our competitive advantage lies in our project methodology.
Specifically, we:

  • Learn your processes and workflow in great detail. Our consultants want to understand the context of each process. Using that methodology, we work together with clients to balance the trade-offs of other solutions.
  • Complete iterative discovery and implementation. We continually discover nuances around workflows in your organization, while simultaneously teaching clients how each process works within Salesforce.
  • Have a bias towards simplicity. We focus on solutions that are easy to understand, replicate, and continue to function long after the project is finished.
  • Have a great deal of technical competence. There are times that the only method to solve complex problems is through programming. We rely on in-house sister software company, Human Centered Apps, for our Apex coding and application development.

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