Salesforce has recently announced that certain malware may be able to steal a user’s Salesforce credentials. At this time, Salesforce does not believe it is affected. However, it is always good to take preventative measures in these situations. The name of this malware is Dyre or Dyreza; this would be a program (like a virus) that runs on the user’s computer. The malware could target any site, it just so happens that Salesforce is its target. (Click here to learn more about malware) You should follow the instructions below to keep your Salesforce account and your computer safe.

  1. Find out what antivirus program is running on your computers (home, work, laptop, etc. – anywhere that you might login to Salesforce).
  2. Use the website of your antivirus program or contact your IT provider to find out if you are protected from Dyre or Dyreza.
Allan Huntley

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