Salesforce Training For All Levels

Our suite of nonprofit Salesforce trainings range from beginner to advanced levels. Our interactive workshops are designed to meet your learning needs and help you gain Salesforce expertise.

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Salesforce Training For All Levels of Nonprofit Organizations

501 Webinars

We are pleased to offer free educational webinars focused on solving common nonprofit pain points: managing volunteers, fundraising and development reports, creating a 360-degree view of client needs and services, efficient classroom, and attendance tracking. Join us several times a month for 30 minutes of learning.

Salesforce Bootcamp 101 for Nonprofits

Salesforce Bootcamp 101 for Nonprofits

Salesforce Bootcamp 101 for Nonprofits is just right for the new or relatively new Salesforce user, and is one of our most popular offerings! This intensive one-day training is extremely hands-on, giving you plenty of practice time to become familiar with the basic features of Salesforce for the nonprofit user.

Salesforce Bootcamp PLUS for Nonprofits

Salesforce Bootcamp PLUS

Our advanced Salesforce skills workshops offer a deep dive into specific functions of Salesforce, with the goal of enabling you to confidently maintain your own Salesforce instance in-house. Take one, two, or the entire workshop series to fill in your knowledge gaps and become a confident Salesforce user. Each half-day workshop includes a foundational overview of the subject, interactive subject matter training, and a walk-through of active use use cases to make the subject concrete and understandable.

Custom Salesforce Training for Nonprofits

Custom Training

Specialized training developed based on organization-specific processes and needs. Pricing varies based on training type and length. Sessions available on-site or virtual.